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June 16, 1999
Photos/travels. - A whole new look. Page redesigned and thumbnails added for photo album.

May 16, 1999
Yvonne's father passed away a few weeks ago and we have been busy sorting out all sorts of things. Yvonne had to rush back to Zimbabwe for a couple of weeks. As a result the update to our site has been delayed somewhat. Things are settling back to normal and we hope to complete the update in a few days.

April 11, 1999
Our links. - New page added
New photos coming soon! -  

February 9, 1999
Chantelle's journal. - New page added

January 25, 1999
Photos/travel - Some Photos added.
- Native huts in Zimbabwe
- Boabab tree in Zimbabwe
- Shanty house in South Africa
- Sunrise over Cintza East
- A walk through time
- Deep Run Park
- The White House
- The Washington Monument
- The Lincoln Memorial
- Early Bethabara house

September 22, 1998
Web-site - New look - frames version created.
The kids - Chantelle's page updated - Journal added - Photo page added

August 10, 1998
All pages - Links added to all pages to aid site navigation - see the bottom of each page.
The kids - Chantelle's own page added
Christopher's own page added
New page - Our new home added
New page - What's new - this page added to provide quick and easy access to new and changed pages

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